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WOODS OF VETO ceramic is a great evolution in ceramic floorings that evoke wood, fusing warmth and naturalness. In this catalogue you will find a wide variety of woods, shades and finishes.

The investment in R&D allows us to be the latest not only in the production process, we also have the technology to decorate our pieces providing them with a better finish and a more realistic effect. A careful selection of the most characteristic woods and of greater aesthetic value make our product more differentiating.

In VETO we promote our ecological character by obtaining certificates that guarantee our effort. The objective is to preserve the present and the future. Efficient energy management, rational use of water and the minimization of emissions are some of our objectives. For this reason we have recently been granted to our product VETO CERAMIC.


The culture of “making ceramics”

Integrity- We serve our clients with supreme dedication and do not let our loyalty towards norms get affected at any cost.
Authenticity- We adhere to the idea of delivering best quality tiles and we are committed to this belief completely.
Stability- To serve tiles of unbeatable quality, we make use of certified resources and technology.
Customer satisfaction- Customers and their satisfaction make the base of our working pyramid.
Teamwork- We believe that teamwork delivers the best work and we encourage team spirit in our working processes.


The Vision of Veto Ceramic

At Veto Ceramic, excellence is not a onetime effort, it's a custom to be followed on regular basis, and so we abide by all the necessary norms and deliver supreme quality resources. We will to continue doing so and attain success by being a market leader Apart from that, we also desire to be recognized as one of the most fruitful employers for our team, along with being a productive patron for our associates.

Our Certificates

Veto Ceramic is committed to manufacture and supply product of consistently high and reliable quality to meet and / or exceed the customer's expectation and special needs with accepted international standards of Quality, Safety and Reliability.